General Terms & Conditions 2014-04


Applied to Standard Short Term Rental Agreements

1. Tenant expressly acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement is for transient occupancy of the Property, and that Tenant does not intend to make the property a residence or household.

2. There shall be NO SMOKING inside the premises.

3. Booking dates are blocked once the rental agreement as well as the initial payment are received. Any change in dates should be notified as soon as possible and are subject to the same conditions as listed in our cancellation policy.

4. The Landlord shall have the right to inspect the premises without prior notice at any time to enforce the terms of this agreement. Should the Tenant violate any of the terms of this agreement, the rental period shall be terminated immediately. The Tenant waives all rights to process if they fail to vacate the premises upon termination of the rental period. The Tenant shall vacate the premises at the expiration time and date of this agreement.

5. The Tenant shall not sublet the property.

6. The Tenant shall have no more than the number of persons specified in the contract reside or sleep on the premises.

7. Apartment will be clean on arrival. The Tenant shall maintain the premises in a good, clean, and ready to rent condition, and use the premises only in a careful and lawful manner. The tenant shall leave the premises in reasonably clean condition at the expiration of the rental agreement. Tenant shall pay for maintenance and repairs should the premises be left in a lesser condition, including any professional cleaning services needed to remedy cleaning issues ensuing from tenant’s occupancy. The tenant agrees that the Landlord shall deduct costs of said services from the security deposit prior to refund if tenant causes damage, incurs the need for professional cleaning services to the premises or its furnishings. Should no damages be assessed by landlord after tenant’s departure, or return of the key, landlord shall return the security deposit to tenant within 7 (seven) days.

8. Landlord shall provide towels, linens, cups, knives, forks, spoons, dishes, and other such kitchen items as commonly used. Consumables, such as toilet paper, soap, dish detergent, laundry soap, shampoos, and other consumables are to be purchased by the Tenant. No reimbursement will be made for unused consumables left at the premises. If consumables exist at the premises when the Tenant arrives, the Tenant is free to use them.

9. Any phone calls made from the home phone should be ones authorised in the arrival document or house manual. Any other communication charges will be deducted from the security deposit. It is recommended that a calling card should instead be used for calling these phone numbers not included.
Emergency medical services, police services and the fire department can be called by dialling 15, 17 and 18 respectively.

10. Property occasionally experiences outages beyond landlord’s control. Outages are reported as each occurs. No refunds or compensation will be given for any outages.

11. There shall be no refunds of rents due to shortened stays or ruined expectations because of weather conditions.

12. There shall be no refunds of rents because of shortened stays or ruined expectations due to work and family emergencies or other commitments.

13. The Tenant shall behave in a civilized manner and shall be good neighbours respecting the rights of the surrounding property owners. The Tenant shall not create noise or disturbances likely to disturb or annoy the surrounding property owners. Creating a disturbance of the above nature shall be grounds for immediate termination of this agreement and Tenant shall then immediately vacate the premises. Quiet hour starts at 10 PM for the night.

14. Tenant agrees not to access the “owner’s closet”, even if unlocked, which contains cleaning supplies and chemicals that could be hazardous to children and adults. The owner’s closet is usually locked and can be pointed out to you if you have any doubts.

15. The Tenant shall dispose of all waste material generated during the rental period in a lawful and regular manner and put the trash in the bins as indicated in the house manual during their stay.

16. No animals or pets of any kind shall be brought onto the premises.

17. The Tenant shall pay for any damage done to the premises over and above normal wear and tear.

18. Cancellation Policy: If cancellation from Tenant occurs:
• More than 2 (two) months prior to the beginning of the stay, Landlord shall return down payment less a 50€ administrative charge.
• Between 2 (two) months and 30 (thirty) days prior to the beginning of the stay, Landlord shall retain the full down payment.
• Within 30 days prior to the beginning of the stay, Landlord shall retain the full rental amount.
If after Tenant cancellation the apartment is rented out for the same dates to other guests, Landlord shall refund the rental amounts retained less a 50€ administrative charge.

19. The Tenant and Tenant’s Guests shall hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Landlord against any and all claims of personal injury or property damage or loss arising from use of the premises regardless of the nature of the accident, injury or loss. Tenant expressly recognizes that any insurance for property damage or loss which the Landlord may maintain on the property does not cover the personal property of Tenants, and that Tenant should purchase their own insurance for Tenant and Guests.

20. Tenant agrees to pay all reasonable costs, attorney’s fees and expenses that shall be made or incurred by Landlord enforcing this agreement.

21. Tenant shall use the property for legal purposes only and other use, such as but not limited to, illegal drug use, abuse of any person, harbouring fugitives, etc. shall cause termination of this agreement with no refund of rents or deposits.

22. Tenant agrees that Fireworks and other hazardous materials shall not be used in or around the property.

23. Tenant is advised that certain apartments are not equipped with carbon monoxide detector or smoke alarms in the apartment and accepts the risk involved in not having these.

24. Tenant shall see to their own security while in the property by locking doors and windows.

25. Valuable items left behind by tenant will be held for the tenant and every reasonable effort will be made to contact the tenant for return. If items are not claimed for longer than 6 months they shall become the property of the Landlord. The Landlord shall not be held liable for condition of said items.

26. Cable TV service is provided in some properties and service level has been chosen by the Landlord. No refund of rents shall be given for outages, content, lack of content or personal preferences with regard to cable TV service.

27. High speed wireless internet is provided as a convenience only and is not integral to the agreement. No refund of rents shall be given for outages, content, lack of content, speed, access problems, lack of knowledge of use, or personal preferences with regard to internet service. Tenant will be held liable for any illegal use or action made from this connection.

28. Insurance: LANDLORD’S INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER TENANT’S LIABILITY AND/OR PERSONAL INJURY during their stay both on the premises and off. It is recommended that tenant contact their insurance company before departure to subscribe to the appropriate insurance coverage for incidents which could occur during their stay. Tenants are also advised to subscribe to trip insurance to cover potential cancellation costs as well as emergency intervention such as medical, dental, emergency medical transportation, etc.